9 June 2016

With You Episode 6

The class is acting out Snow White. Guess who's Prince Charming and Snow White? 

You'll never guess it. 

Rumour has it that Lu Xing He is pursuing Geng Geng. Yu Huai makes fun of her for it but Geng Geng isn't taking it lightly. She's so bothered by the gossips she tells him to stay away from her for at least a month.
It’s their school’s 88th anniversary and Chubby Class President needs the class to participate in a play of some sort. He begs Geng Geng for help but she’s like, other than sleeping and reflecting I don’t have any other personal strengths. Yu Huai vouches for that, which earns him a deserving elbow jab from Geng Geng.
Seeing class prez all stressed, Geng Geng kindly offers him some water, but it’s not hers to offer.

Yu Huai sarcastically compliments her: "Ms. Boss, you sure are generous, that’s my water you’re offering."

But class pres doesn’t need water, he needs participants.

Geng Geng: "Mr Customer, my apologies, there isn’t anymore goods left in the store, except this one – points to Yu Huai – the quality is bad though."

Class prez complains that Yu Huai’s quality is too inferior.

Yu Huai raises his eyebrows and tilts his head, not pleased one bit.

Anyways, class prez manages to get a few people to participate, one of them is Yu Huai. They’re brainstorming for an idea and they end up Wen Xiao Xiao’s version of Snow White. Hearing the topic, Geng Geng volunteers herself to participate, hoping Yu Huai is Prince Charming and she is his Snow White.

That’s not happening because the prince is Han Xu, and Snow White is class prez (lol). Wen Xiao Xiao is the Queen, and Geng Geng and Yu Huai are passerbys. One of Geng Geng’s line is “A Princess is to be born!” hence the title of this episode.

Practice makes them all late and Zhang Feng scolds them harshly. Yu Huai comforts Geng Geng by commenting on Zhang Feng’s reddened face being the aftermath of his wife's violence. He has successfully made Geng Geng laugh.

The next day is performance day and she’s almost late. Her senior asks her where is the boy who’s always with her. Even strangers know her and Yu Huai are close. Later that day the two meet again and they properly introduce themselves. She’s Luo Zhi but when Geng Geng introduces herself, Luo Zhi is a bit confused because of her odd name so she tells her it’s the ‘Geng Geng’ from ‘Geng Geng Yu Huai’. Me: smiling.
Backstage, Geng Geng is nervous but denies it when Yu Huai confronts her about it. However, the truth cannot be denied when he exposes her sweaty hand. Changing the topic, she asks Yu Huai what he and Wen Xiao Xiao were privately chatting about and he explains he was apologizing for being half-hearted during practice and thanking her for giving Geng Geng another strength other than photography. Geng Geng swings a fist at him.
To stop her jitters, Geng Geng goes to the place Lu Xing He had recommended her earlier. Despite previously telling Lu Xin He off, she does appreciate his taste in scenery. Coincidentally, Lu Xing He happens to be there too. When she needs to leave for her Snow White play, Lu Xing He promises to send her flowers. Geng Geng desperately begs him not to stir up rumours again.
Geng Geng makes it back right on time. She takes a peek at the audience and spots Lu Xing He. Immediately after, she’s contracted the deadly hiccups. Nothing can stop them until Zhou Mo comes with an apple. Geng Geng sinks her teeth in but shock crosses her face as she realizes this is their poisonous apple for their play. Uh oh. At least the shock has cured her hiccups.
It’s too late to find another apple because their turn is up. 

During the performance, Wen Xiao Xiao is so nervous her voice is barely audible. Geng Geng also messes up her lines. Yu Huai assures Geng Geng he’ll come up with a solution. And he does.

First he takes away Wen Xiao Xiao’s glasses because he knows without them, she gets nervous and the volume of her voice automatically escalates. As for the apple, he’ll be the apple. It’s unbelievable how well that worked out to be.

The Queen is about to take her "Apple" for a walk
Yu Huai sacrificing his body to Snow White (left)
During the next scene, Wen Xiao Xiao/Queen walks the apple, Yu Huai, to Snow White. Then Yu Huai says: “Princess, I am the tastiest apple – unzips his sweater and exposes his chest – do you want a bite?" LOL. Yu Huai delivers that "sexy" line with utmost sincerity.

Prince Charming (Han Xu), Horse (Jian Dan)
Snow White (Han Xu actually flicks his tongue back in)
Then in the last scene, Yu Huai adlibs and encourages the crowd forcing Han Xu to actually kiss his Snow White. I love Yu Huai.
She's the coffin btw
Nian Nian looks over at them kissing. Her best friend’s crush just kissed her boy!

After the play, Geng Geng and Yu Huai have some alone time.

Yu Huai jokes, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best actor of them all?

Geng Geng laughs but them thoughtfully stares at Yu Huai. She wants to tell him something but she thinks better of it. After another moment, she attempts again.

Geng Geng: Yu Huai, did you know. I actually really like…
Yu Huai: blink
Geng Geng: …really like sitting next to you.
Yu Huai hesitatntly starts to speak: I….
But then Geng Geng warns him not to be egoistical.
Yu Huai laughs: What do you want me to say then? Say that I know you love me?

Geng Geng’s eyes widen and she sends herself backward against the chair with a thud.
Yu Huai stares at her through his upper lashes.

Lu Xing He is on the side watching these two but he leaves bitterly abandoning the bouquet he bought for Geng Geng. Wow he actually got her one.

Geng Geng: Who would like you? They must be blind.
Yu Huai: Blind? Your little master here is loved by all.
Geng Geng: I’m not just anyone.
They both laugh and its such a sweet moment with these two just staring at each other, that is until Mr. Pang interrupts. He accuses Geng Geng of cheating based on a CCTV footage of her sneaking past Zhang Ping’s room. (However, that was just her going into the men’s washroom with Lu Xing He for the photoshopping issue)


Mr. Pang is too annoying, sigh. 

I don't like how the drama is so persistent with dropping huge hints that Yu Huai doesn't like arts. Up until now there have been so many scenes screaming at how Geng Geng and Yu Huai will be separated next year when they choose between science and humanity. I get it already!!
I do appreciate though how Geng Geng and Xing He have common interests making Xing He a formidable opponent for Yu Huai since he may understand Geng Geng more. Still, I think I completely missed how Geng Geng charmed these men… oh well. At this point I don’t think the drama will supplement any further explanations. I do hope I’m wrong.  

For now, I’m expecting to be constantly teased for things like that almost-confession but I'm not complaining. I love this phase.

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