3 June 2016

My Amazing Boyfriend Novel Translation Chapter 13 Part 3

[Translation Progress: 60% completed]
Sooooooo I have to apologize first; there's no Xue Ling Qiao in this segment at all. There is, however, an interesting love triangle developing. 

A note about season 2: From the rumor mill the second season is said to involve the same cast and is expected to air next year

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  • Wu Qian!! I can't believe I never mentioned about her projects D: 

Chapter 13 Part 3

Ye Chen is at a seminar in the States, Zhang Xuan Xuan is at Hollywood – they’re practically inseparable. Meanwhile she (including XLQ and FDD) are left in a complete mess.

TJZ finally regains her senses; for the past two days she has been touching her stomach (i.e. conscious of her stomach) and lost in thought. When XLQ and FDD are absent, she sneaks out and takes the car to a remote pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test.

Like a thief, she buys the pregnancy test and then immediately she finds a washroom to test it out. Soon she bursts out from the washroom, sits in her car, and softly touches her stomach.

“Is the watermelon ripe yet?” TJZ asks herself.

Suddenly from the back seat a cheerful male’s voice replies her, “Soon!”

When TJZ realizes a stranger is in her car, she immediately opens the car door wanting to run away but the man, who had read her thoughts, grabs a hold of her neck, pulling her all the way to the back seat.

Laughing, the man restrains her from moving. He’s chewing gum; he's covered with punk metal pieces with several ear piercings just like those juvenile delinquents.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything bad. I’m not like that trash, Hong Shi Guang.”

In a trembling voice, TJZ asks, “You know Hong Shi Guang? Who are you?”

The delinquent touches her face like he’s teasing a cat, “Speaking of which, I’m the matchmaker between you and XLQ. If not for me, you and him wouldn’t have met.”

TJZ doesn’t understand, “What do you mean?”

“Do you remember what was the reason you got in a car accident that night?”

“Car accident?”

“Yes. There was a red car that ran a red light. Do you remember?”

Carefully thinking, TJZ does remember a red car running a red light, otherwise the van wouldn’t have steered off from the normal path and hit her.

Astonished at the man in front of her, the more she thought about it, the more frightened she got. It felt like the car accident wasn’t as simple as they had imagined it to be.

Seeing her calm down, he stops restraining her. Plus, if he restrains her too much and harms the baby that will be bad. He pulls her back up to sit properly and even kindly loosens the scarf around her neck. Extending his hand, “Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Yun Zhen. You can call me baby, dear, darling, or honey

“Yun Zhen?” (T/N: TJZ think his name means “to faint over after seeing the needle” because it sounds similar.)

He clarifies his name means differently. 

“Oh.” TJZ hurriedly explains her innocence, “Yun Zhen, XLQ and I have already broken up. He’s now my ex.”

“Really?” a joyous expression crosses his face, “Then your baby doesn’t have a father. How about I be the father? XLQ and I are of the same kind; I am also pretty powerful.”

“You want to be the dad?”

“Yes, I want to be the dad.” Cheerfully, Yun Zhen says, “I’m also very handsome.”

“I know. I’m also very beautiful.” Ha.

“We’re a match made in heaven then.”

“Yes…..ah, no. Yun Zhen, I’m a little out of it. Who exactly are you?”

Silently, TJZ covers her face. Yun Zhen is handsome but she can’t accept dating a younger man……That’s not right either. Dating a younger man isn’t the problem, the problem is who exactly is the older one. Originally she thought one XLQ was freakish enough, even XLQ who lived 500 years never met his kind before, now she meets another one when she was just buying a pregnancy test. Obviously she’s just leading lady #2 but why is it that her life is more turbulent than the actual leading lady. She’s almost apologetic to her fate as a second leading lady.

Rubbing his chin, Yun Zhen ponders for a long while and finally decides to come clean: “You look like the type who can keep secrets so I’ll tell you. In this world there isn’t just your ex who’s a genetically mutated human. Other than me, there are others but not a lot. However, not all of them are as kind as me. Many of them have undergone metamorphosis. I’m 300 years old, 200 years younger than XLQ. I’m still a *teenager. Obviously, when you compare us, the generation gap seems to be a little less.

*T/N: I had a little problem translating “鲜肉”. I settled with the word “teenager” but dictionary gives me “teen male idol” which sounded awkward to me. The direct translation though is this: “Little fresh meat”. Basically, he’s just trying to sell himself as someone younger and fresher than XLQ)

Weakly, she waves her hand to dismiss the age issue, “Forget it. Even if you want to be the dad, I haven’t decided on whether I’ll give birth yet.”

Surprised, Yun Zhen asks, “Why?” You should give birth! We have already evolved to be much better than humans. Even though we look the same we’re not the same species anymore. I’ve had many girlfriends and none of them have been able to give birth.”

Curiously, TJZ asks him, "Amongst your kind, aren’t there any females?”

“I had a girlfriend, Jenny (Zhen Ni), she couldn’t give birth. Our mutations have evolved to such a degree that we cannot reproduce. The reasoning behind it, even I don’t know.”

Finally understanding, a dumbfounded TJZ asks, “So you're appearing in front of me because I can make babies?”

“Yes. I want a baby too. After you give birth to this one, give birth for me too.” LOL.  Putting his palms together, he cutely pleads to her, “Our child will be so cute.”

TJZ: “……”

This situation is absolutely absurd but TJZ is so sleepy, she dozes off. 
Then Yun Zhen drives her future girlfriend home. //

Wu Qian (Tian Jing Zhi)

I love how little she cares about ruining her features like that.
It makes her so much more beautiful. 
Her popularity is also soaring and she completely deserves it. She's bound to be popular and I guess that mindset made me forget to mention about her projects. Then again she's not in much anyways. We'll definitely see more of her next year.

TitleA Scholar Dream of Woman  also stars Han Dong (from Cuo Dian Yuan Yang), Zhang Meng (The Four 2015), and Mao Zi Jun (The Four 2015)
Genre: Business, Drama, Family, Romance
Completed airing (2016).
(If anyone watched this can you please tell me if this is good?)

TitleBraveness of the Ming  also stars Zhang Han and Park Min Young 
Genre: Historical, Supernatural, Romance
Air date is uncertain. 

TitleDa Xian Ya Men –  She's the main actress in this one. 
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Air date is uncertain.

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